Through our mastering (or premastering or audio mastering), your song or album receives the final polish. The balance between standardized loudness, preservation of natural dynamics, clean highlighting of crisp bass, and clear highs is crucial for the perception of a musical piece, and our corrective interventions in the frequency spectrum bring out the best in your songs.

We master music of all kinds, whether it’s rap, electronic, trance, rock, or heavy metal: after our mastering, your song will sound wide, deep, and clear. Regardless of the format you send us, you will receive a 1411 kbit/s WAV file (or optionally AIFF) in 16 bit, 44100 Hz, standardized according to the RED-BOOK CD standard. Alternatively, you can send us your song or album by mail; for this, please send a CD or DVD to the address listed under “Impressum.”

Important: Mastering involves the overall processing of a song, i.e., the final mixdown. Prices can be found here.

Upload your title via the form on our server, preferably as a WAV/AIFF file or even as a ZIP/RAR archive. After a successful upload, we receive your message and will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that the duration of an upload depends on the file size and the speed of your internet connection and may take a few minutes.

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our dedication to perfection goes beyond cutting-edge technologies, and we employ advanced methods to ensure that your song or album meets the highest quality standards. In our mastering process, artificial intelligence (AI) also comes into play.

By utilizing innovative AI algorithms, we can identify subtle nuances in the frequency spectrum and make precise adjustments to achieve a sound that not only meets current standards but also perfectly reflects your artistic vision.

Another significant aspect of our mastering service is the individual adaptation to various music genres. Each style requires a unique approach, whether it’s emphasizing the bassline in a rap track, bringing out complex synthesizer melodies in electronic music, or achieving the perfect balance between guitars and drums in a rock song. Our experienced team has the necessary expertise to understand and implement the specific requirements of each genre.

In case you prefer to send us your song material physically, you have the option of mailing a CD or DVD to the address provided in our “Impressum.” We place great importance on providing our customers with a flexible and convenient process, whether you opt for digital upload or postal delivery.

Attention to Detail

We understand that your artistic creation is unique, and we treat each track with the attention it deserves. Our mastering experts strive to unleash the full potential of your music and present you with a professionally optimized result.

The integration of artificial intelligence into our mastering process allows us to consider not only technical aspects but also understand the artistic intention behind your music. This creates a unique interplay between human expertise and machine learning to create the best possible listening experience.

We warmly invite you to upload your title via the form on our server, whether as a WAV or AIFF file or even as a ZIP or RAR archive. After a successful upload, we will promptly receive your message and get in touch with you as soon as possible. Your trust in our services is an honor, and we look forward to elevating your song to a new sonic level—supported by cutting-edge technology and human expertise.

Mastering Engineer

Our highly qualified mastering engineer has extensive expertise in the specific requirements of various music genres, especially in the realms of rap, electronic, and metal. With years of experience in music production and mastering, he has developed a deep understanding of the unique sonic nuances and stylistic elements of these genres.

His expertise ranges from precisely emphasizing the rhythmic structure in rap to fine-tuning complex synthesizer sounds in electronic music and preserving the dynamics and intensity in metal productions. Through his technical prowess, our mastering engineer ensures that your song or album not only meets general industry standards but also captures the specific characteristics and artistic nuances of your genre, presenting them in the best light.

Analog? Digital? AI? Why Limit Yourself to One?

In our pursuit of extracting the maximum from each musical piece, we employ a careful combination of analog and digital technology, supported by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Our studio is equipped with a variety of top-notch analog audio devices that can produce a warm and organic sound character. This analog technology allows us to add subtle harmonic textures and shape a resonant, multifaceted sound.

At the same time, we utilize digital tools to ensure precision and flexibility. Digital signal processing allows for the finest adjustments to frequencies and dynamics, enabling us to achieve an exact and tailored sound for each song. This hybrid approach allows us to blend the best of both worlds and find an optimal balance between the warm, analog sound and the precision of digital processing.

Another crucial component in our arsenal is the application of cutting-edge artificial intelligence. By employing AI algorithms, we can conduct in-depth analyses of the frequency spectrum and make automated adjustments to elevate the sound quality to a new level. This technology enables us to identify and optimize even the finest details in the music, resulting in a unique and tailored sound signature for your music.

The combination of traditional craftsmanship, modern digital signal processing, and advanced artificial intelligence is the key to our sophisticated mastering process. This multifaceted approach allows us not only to meet technical requirements but also to bring out the artistic essence of each musical piece.

We take pride in deploying a comprehensive range of technologies to ensure that your song or album not only meets the highest acoustic standards but also acquires a unique sonic identity.

“Re-Mixing” with the Help of AI / Restoring Old Songs

As part of our innovative approach to mastering, we also offer the possibility of analyzing and remixing already finished songs using artificial intelligence. This advanced technology opens up the exciting prospect of elevating your existing tracks to a higher level, making subtle yet impactful improvements. Our AI algorithms allow us to penetrate every element of the song, from individual instruments to the finest nuances of the overall mix.

This additional option is already included in the price for our mastering. We understand that creative visions can evolve, and we aim to provide you with the flexibility to make adjustments even after the production is complete. By using AI, we can not only correct potential imbalances but also further refine the sonic landscape to create an even more impressive listening experience.

This expanded service demonstrates our commitment to continuous innovation and the provision of cutting-edge technologies to ensure that your music always meets the highest standards. We strive not only to fulfill the current needs of our customers but also to be prepared for future developments in music production. Let’s explore the sonic possibilities of your music together and extract the maximum from your songs with the help of artificial intelligence.