On Mastern.net, you can easily, affordably, and uncomplicatedly get your music track mastered. Unlike automated mastering processes, which have become popular lately, a music producer and mastering engineer from Berlin, active in various genres since the early 1990s, works here, particularly in the electro, rap, and metal genres.


We have also witnessed the controversial Loudness War from start to finish. This has raised the standards in mastering while limiting possibilities. Whether you are in favor or against it, we don’t long for the old times (well, maybe just a little :-)), and we create mastering that is up-to-date, drawing inspiration from current commercial productions of each genre.

Analog and Digital Mastering

We primarily use an equalizer, a multiband compressor, and a limiter. We don’t cling to analog or digital hardware for your mastering; instead, we leverage the full range of technology to enhance your musical piece.

We work quickly and with expertise, accommodating your individual preferences. This internet offering has been around since 2006 or 2007, and countless tracks and entire albums have been mastered since then.

Rap, Techno, Metal – Every Genre Is Welcome

Whether you produce rap, pop, metal, techno, or electro music, every genre is welcome here. We are at home in all music styles and look forward to your submission.

Our clients include professional musicians as well as non-commercial artists who appreciate our affordable price, high quality, and straightforward process.

You don’t have to buy blindly. Send us your music piece, and we’ll promptly (likely on the same day) send you a test mastering, a snippet of your mastered song. If you like the result, you can purchase the complete song.

Affordable Mastering

Why is our mastering so affordable? Firstly, it’s due to well-thought-out approaches we’ve refined over the years.

Secondly, it’s about financing the equipment. Our studio didn’t incur debt or make significant commercial expenditures to acquire equipment. It accumulated privately over the years and can now be used without the pressure of a bank.

Moreover, the sound processing benefits from new technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI). AI has become an integral part of our mastering processes, handling fundamental analyses of music pieces, creating tailored mastering chains for each piece, and streamlining repetitive steps for the mastering engineer.

Analog, Digital, and AI-supported Mastering

Mastern.net goes a step further by not only relying on analog and digital techniques but also integrating AI-supported mastering into its repertoire. This innovative approach allows for the full spectrum of creative possibilities.

The use of analog technology, such as equalizers, a multiband compressor, and a limiter, produces warm and organic sound characteristics. Digital tools enable precise fine-tuning and flexibility, while AI-supported algorithms help refine musical elements even further.

Embracing Diversity: Why Limit to One Method?

It would be wrong to specialize in just one of the three methods. The use of analog, digital, and AI in the mastering process allows for comprehensive adaptation to the individual needs of each musical piece. While analog techniques create a warm and characterful sound, digital tools provide precision and versatility.

The integration of AI-supported algorithms allows for automated optimizations and further expands the creative palette. At Mastern.net, the full spectrum of available technologies is utilized to ensure that each musical piece unfolds its full potential.

A Glimpse into the Future of Mastering

The use of AI in the mastering process not only allows for precise sound optimization but also adapts to future developments in music production. Mastern.net stays at the forefront and recognizes the relevance that AI holds in the music industry.

By combining proven analog and digital techniques with innovative AI elements, Mastern.net assures its customers a first-class sonic experience while remaining open to constant development and optimization in the field of mastering.

Mastering for Spotify, iTunes & Co

For those looking to optimize their songs for streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, and others, you’re in the right place. You’ll receive a WAV file for CD release and a FLAC file for release on streaming platforms. The requirements of Spotify serve as a guideline, but optimization for another platform of your choice is, of course, possible.