Our Wide Range of Services

At Mastern.net, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of high-quality audio mastering services. Our expertise spans various areas to ensure that your music shines in every genre and format.

Free Test Mastering

Would you like a preview of how your song could sound after mastering before making the final decision? Take advantage of our free test mastering! Send us your song, and we’ll email you a snippet of the edited track.

This non-binding service allows you to experience the quality of our work before making a purchase, ensuring that we perfectly capture your artistic vision.

RED BOOK CD Standard

Regardless of the format in which you submit your recordings – be it WAV, AIFF, or another – you’ll receive high-resolution WAV files at 1411 kbit/s, the RED BOOK CD standard. These files meet the requirements of pressing plants for almost all CD productions.

This sets the foundation for a high-quality reproduction of your music on CD, ensuring it aligns with industry standards.

Customized Mastering for Different Genres

Whether your music falls within the realms of Rap, Electro, Trance, Rock, or Heavy Metal – our experienced audio engineers master the intricacies of each genre. After mastering, your song will not only sound loud, clear, and balanced but also perfectly reflect the specific characteristics of your chosen genre.

We understand that each genre requires a unique approach, and our team ensures that your sound perfectly captures the intended artistic vision.

Individual Adjustment with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our studio not only employs proven methods but also integrates innovative technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in our mastering process. Through the use of advanced AI algorithms, we can identify the finest nuances in the frequency spectrum and make precise adjustments.

This ensures not only adaptation to current standards but also enables individual optimization of your music that fully showcases your artistic vision.

Commitment to Highest Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Our dedication to perfection extends across all aspects of our services. From the initial contact to the delivery of your mastered files, we strive to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Our prices are transparent, and we provide clear information about every step of the process.

Your Music, Our Commitment!

Overall, we stand for comprehensive support of your musical works. From free test mastering sessions to adapting to different genres and integrating innovative technologies – we are ready to elevate your music to the next level.

What You Can Contribute

Do not push the level of the song we are processing too far. A level of -3dB is sufficient, preferably -6dB. Avoid, if possible, fully pushing the level using a compressor or limiter, as we have limited ability to restore missing dynamics during mastering.

In doubt, turn it down, use as few sound-manipulating effects as possible. Avoid mastering presets in your recording software. Tip: In sound programs like Pro Tools, Audition, or Cubase, you can see the volume level of the mix in the multitrack view. The level should never clip.